Eyebrow Tinting Plymouth

Eyebrow tinting Plymouth utilises a type of semi-permanent hair-dye designed specifically for use on eyebrows...it is a very popular treatment at the salon and will help transform your eyes in conjunction with our other eyebrow shaping and waxing tretments...


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When should I consider and eyebrow tint....

1. When you've gone from dark to light hair colour

Dark eyebrows with light hair colour is a look dificult to pull off! If this sounds like you then eyebrow tinting a shade or two lighter will help neutralise the look and and make your hair change look more natural.

2. When you've gone from light to dark hair colour
Same as above if you're blonde or a redhead you should consider tinting your eyebrows to more closely match your new darker hair tones, however, it should not match exactly we recommend tinting your eyebrows one or two shades lighter than your hair colour.

3. When you notice grey hairs in your eyebrows
Some clients like to slow down the appearance of ageing by plucking the odd grey hair from their eyebrows.....do not do this!!... plucking hairs from this sparsely populated area could result in bald patches and leave your eyebrow looking worse not better!! The safer bet is to have an eyebrow tint which will dye the grey to match the rest of your hair. 

4. When you want healthier thicker looking eyebrows
Pale eyebrow hairs can make your eyebrows look sparse and uneven. Tinting will make the area look more shapely and draw peoples attention to your best feature....your eyes!. Naturally eyebrow tinting will not add additional hairs to your eyebrow but the darker colour will give the impression of thicker healthier eyebrows.

5. When you want to help define your face
It's incredible the difference a lovely pair of stunning shaped eyebrows will make to the structure of your face. Having neat, well-defined eyebrows helps to frames the eyes and faccial symmetry.... making you look even more attractive.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I choose the right shade of eyebrow tint for me?

Fear not! You will not leave Cream with big unnatural looking eyebrows!
Our NVQ trained beauticians will ensure the shade is perfectly in tune with your skin tone and hair colour...that's what we get paid to do! We will of-course consult with you and listen to your preferences and at the end of this process we will agree on the perfect shade of eyebrow tint for you. Eyebrow tints are available in a range of colours, including:

  • Black - for use with black hair only!
  • Taupe - a lighter brown shade with a hint of grey.
  • Chestnut - a brown/red colour great for redheads and brunettes
  • Blonde - for clients with fair hair or skin who want their eyebrows lightening.
  • Grey - for people with white or grey hair who want their eyebrows darkening or lightening.

Is eyebrow tinting safe?
Yes!...Eyebrow tinting is perfectly safe provided it is carried out by a Cream profesional, we will ensure the following safety measures are taken:

We will...

  • Carry out a skin patch test 24 hours before the appointment
  • Use a vegetable-based stain to minimise the risk of irritation
  • Use Vaseline to keep the tint off the skin
  • Use a disposable applicator to prevent the spread of infection

How is the eyebrow tinting treatment performed?

After the patch test and consultation we will carry out the following:

  • Rub the area around your eyebrows with vaseline to prevent the dye from staining the skin.
  • Comb the tint from the inside corners of the eyebrows to the out, using a disposable applicator.
  • Allow the eyebrow tint 10 minutes to develop,
  • Remove the tint using a disposable cotton wipe.

Eyebrow tinting is popular with celebrities

How long does an eyebrow tinting treatment take?
Approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the consultation and hair density of the eyebrow.

How long does an eyebrow tint last?
The dye is semi-permanent but your eyebrow hairs naturally fall out and are replaced over a 6-8 week period.

How much does an eyebrow tint cost?
......Only £6 at CREAM!!

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