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If you're looking for waxing Plymouth then you've come to the right waxing salon....waxingtreatments at Cream are carried out by NVQ qualified beauticians who will create a beautifully smooth hair-less appearace for whichever part of the face or body you require...

Eye waxing at Cream

A perfectly formed eyebrow will take years off you and enhance the look of your eyes. Eye waxing Plymouth treatments are a speciality of the beauty salon and our beautician will consult with you to establish the right shaped eyebrow for you. So don't delay for the perfect eyebrow wax call Cream now!


Facial Hair removal

Other facial hair removal treatments include the removal of lip or chin hair and the removal of general un-wanted facial hair by waxing and all for very affordable prices too!

Bikini waxing at Cream

Going on holiday? Booking a romantic weekend?
Don't let the sight of unwanted body hair spoil your fun! You can look and feel fantastic on the beach and by the pool with our competitively priced bikini waxing service or if you'd like more hair removed than the bikini line you could try our intimate waxing treatments...


Intimate Waxing treatments... (Brazilian waxing and and Hollywood waxing)

Whether it's a Brazilian wax or a Hollywood wax we have the intimate waxing treatment for you....for ladies that require below the bikini-ine hair removal....so get waxing Plymouth!

Intimate waxing process (Brazilian and Hollywood waxing)

All our Plymouth waxing takes place in our private beauty room...you only need a quarter of an inch (grain of rice) of hair length for the wax to adhere to so you may want to trim the area prior to the treatment or if you prefer we will do this for you....

Skin preparation

Our beautician will apply talcum powder to the skin as this keeps hot wax from sticking to it.

Applying the wax

The hot wax is applied with a wooden spatula and liberally spread over the area to be waxed, hot wax is used as this is less paifull for clients. A cloth strip is then applied over the still-warm wax ensuring that the cloth, hair and wax adhere to one another.

Removing the wax

When the wax has cooled the beautician will pull the strip off (very quickly!) in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling the hairs out by the root.,,waxing Plymouth has never been easier!!

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing means everything off except for a "landing strip" in the front as well as the hair between the buttocks. As the name suggests it was invented by the beach loving, thong wearing Brazilians that did not want anything visible.


Hollywood waxing

Hollywood waxing means everything off (no landing strip) and like the brazilian this includes all hair between the buttocks.

After waxing

Once the waxing is complete, the beautician will tweeze any stray hairs and and apply a soothing lotion to help ease any dis-comfort. Typically you will require re-waxing in 2-4 weeks.

Half-leg or full-leg waxing at Cream

Throw away that old bic razor! Treat yourself to a beautiful pair of smooth legs this season. You will be amazed at just how soft and smooth your legs will feel after our famosus warm wax is applied for your leg waxing treatment!

Our NVQ trained beauticians use only the finest waxes and will take great care to ensure your experience is pleasurable and pain free, so pop in for a leg waxing treatment today. We also offer a full range of other beauty reatments so check the website for details.


Contact Cream Now!

If you would like to make an appointment for Plymouth waxing or to pop in for a leg waxing, bikini waxing or one of our intimate waxing treatments then dial the Salon on 01752 255 233

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