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If you're looking for glamorous affordable Hair extensions in Plymouth you'll love Cream Hair and Beauty! We're so confident you'll love our hair extension Salon and our stylist's work we're giving all new clients a free consultation and colour match.

Hair Extension Prices (supplied and fitted)

- FULL HEAD of 20" Micro ring £295
- HALF HEAD of 20" Micro ring £200
- Weft Hair extensions (fitted with micro ring) £295

All our extensions use 100% Russian AAAAA Double Drawn Remy Hair (The best you can get)

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Micro Bead Hair Extensions

The Micro Bead installation and removal system is one of the easiest hair extension systems available on the market. This technique can be done on all types of hair. The beads come in different colours of metal and are covered with plastic, which provides a comfortable cushion for hair....simply visit our our hair extension salon and we'll explain the process.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano ring hair extensions are a no heat no glue, no sewing method - kind to your hair and quick to fit. The nano ring hair extensions are secured in the hair using a TINY undetectable 2mm nano ring that is 90% smaller than a standard micro ring! Everyone wants a hair extension system that is virtually undetectable in the hair - well now it is here! Cream nano ring hair extensions are offered in any length too and are available in either 0.9g double drawn, and 1 gram single drawn. Our nano ring hair extensions have been sourced from a high grade of raw hair, followed by gentle processing...only AAAAA Brazilian Remy hair is used. This means with correct client aftercare & products our nano ring hair extensions can last for many months.

Micro Bead WEFT Hair Extensions

The benefit of Micro bead weft extensions is that they are quicker to apply tighten and remove than individual Micro bead hair extensions. It is also a semi-permanent method, these hair extensions are worn for shorter periods of time but keep the hair to be used again. Micro bead weft extensions can be worn longer. Made to measure, the weft is then applied and secured using micro beads along the length of the weft. 

Depending on how thick you would like the finished result. This is a fantastic, quick way of gaining extra length and volume. This is a new hair extensions salon technique that we have added to our growing list of hair extensions methods. If you do not want braids, glue or heat to be used on your hair, then this is the hair extensions for you. We use weft hair pieces to apply these type of extensions.

Real Remy Hair Extensions

Cream only use 100% real human Russian hair for our hair extensions which is why we’re so popular and one of the most popular hair extension salons in the south west.
We only use the best quality Remy hair ‘Remy’ refers to hair that has been collected directly from a hair donor, tied and cut in one direction, rather than collected at random. This ensures that the hair cuticle continues to lie in the right direction and is easier to manage because it behaves as you natural hair will.

How much do Cream Hair Extensions cost?

Hair Extension Prices (supplied and fitted)
- FULL HEAD of 20" Micro ring £295
- HALF HEAD of 20" Micro ring £200
- Weft Hair extensions (fitted with micro ring) £295
All our extensions use AAAAA Double Drawn Russian Remy Hair

Don't need a full head of extensions?.....No problem!....You have less, you pay less...just pop in for your FREE CONSULTATION and quotation and leave the rest to us

Hair extension salon specialists in Plymouth

Why not pop in to the Salon and discuss which hair extensions are best for you? Our extension specialists will give you a free consultation and quotation with no obligation.
We believe we offer the best quality and best value hair extensions available anywhere in Plymouth and the South West.

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