Brazilian waxing Plymouth at Cream hair and Beauty

When it comes to waxing those Brazilians know a thing or two! .... from the glamorous and sophisticated beaches of Rio de Janeiro's Copa Cabanna beach comes the ultimate in intimate waxing treatments known as the Brazilian waxing treatment....


What is a Brazilian waxing treatment?

Time to get your thong on!! with an uber sexy trend setting Brazilian wax. ...this takes the waxing slightly higher than a regular bikini wax, which means you’ll be left with a neat, 'landing strip' of hair.....a Brazilian is leaving a three finger width of hair in the middle, not touching the lip area, to produce a slightly higher than a normal bikini line.

However, at Cream you're the boss! If you'd like a slight variation to the 'classic' Brazilian wax then just ask the beautician and she will be delighted to take it as high or as low as you wish or perhaps you'd prefer a 'floating triangle' as opposed to the 'landing strip'....we are here for you!!

Brazilian waxing process

All our brazilian waxing Plymouth takes place in our private beauty only need a quarter of an inch (grain of rice) of hair length for the wax to adhere to so you may want to trim the area prior to the treatment or if you prefer we will do this for you....

Skin preparation

Our beautician will apply talcum powder to the skin as this prevents the hot wax from sticking to it.

Applying the wax

The hot wax is applied with a wooden spatula and liberally spread over the area to be waxed, hot wax is used as this is less paifull for clients. A cloth strip is then applied over the still-warm wax ensuring that the cloth, hair and wax adhere to one another.

Removing the wax

When the wax has cooled the beautician will pull the strip off (very quickly!) in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling the hairs out by the root. 

You will love the feel of your silky smooth skin but initially there may be some tenderness to the treated area.

If you would like to book an appointment for a brazilian waxing treatment or require more information contact the salon on  01752 255 233.

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