Hair straightening with Kerastraight Hair

If your hair is dull, dry or damaged; curly, wavy or frizzy; overly voluminous or unmanageable, one application of KeraStraight puts an end to it for up to 4 months!
With the power of keratin, 22 carat gold and white clay, KeraStraight hair in Plymouth has been developed to simultaneously repair and straighten...similar but not the same as the Brazilian Blow dry.

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Who's kerastraight for?

KeraStraight is suitable for all hair types from virgin, untreated hair to highly damaged and weak. This evolution in straightening and repair will deliver beautifully shiny, straight and healthy hair.

How does it work?

Keratin is a natural compound and is the protein that gives hair its strength. KeraStraight rebuilds the keratin on both the inside cortex and outside cuticle layers. KeraStraight adds strength, elasticity and moisture, resulting in smooth, soft, shiny and straight hair.
The process is fortified by the addition of nano-molecules of 22 carat gold, well known for its ability to affect negative ions allowing this gentlist of treatments to give the most stunning results. So if you are looking for Kerastraight hair in Plymouth you can be sure to find it here!


Is KeraStraight a permanent straightener?

No, KeraStraight is based on Keratin, the protein that gives hair its strength and will gradually fade out of the is not for permanent hair straightening nor is it the Brazilian Blow dry (although results are similar)

Can KeraStraight be applied on coloured hair?

Yes, the Keratin repairing treatment can be applied to all hair types, including virgin, coloured, highlighted and bleached.

Can KeraStraight be applied on top of permed, relaxed or straightened hair?

Yes, KeraStraight can be applied to ANY hair over ANY previous chemical treatment.

How long does KeraStraight keep the hair straight, smooth and repaired?

KeraStraight will last up to 4 months, depending on the hair type. The treatment works best and lasts longest on hair that is chemically treated like coloured or damaged hair. On virgin hair, the treatment will last longer after second or third application....similar to Brazilian blowdry treatments.

How long does the process take?

Usually between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the hair type.

How long should I wait before shampooing my hair?

The NEW 'no more waiting' Kerastraight Formaldahyde free forulation means you can shampoo your hair that day!....we even do this in the salon for you after the treatment!

What shampoo must I use before and after the treatment?

The treatment process is begun with KeraStraight Pre-Treatment Cleanser. After the treatment Sodium Chloride free shampoo and conditioner must be used. We recommend KeraStraight Shampoo and Conditioner as these products do not strip the keratin from the hair, but help to maximise the longevity of your treatment. You can purchase these items separately at the Salon for £17.50 per bottle.

Prices for Kerastraight hair treatment from only £150 !!!
Short hair (above shoulders) £150
Medium length hair (to the shoulder) £200
Long hair (mid-back area) £250

*If your hair is particularly thick or porous an additional £30 may be charged.
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